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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Segmentation fault ... / metering problems

Michael (and Linda),

> The workaround for this is to put node names in the empty fields in 
> the WATERHEATER:SIMPLE object (Water Source Side Heater Water Inlet 
> and Outlet nodes).  This will cause some node connection warnings, 
> but these warnings may be ignored.

This was the problem indeed. Since we do it your described way no 
further SegFaults have been observed.


W/r/to our metering problem:

> Your understanding is correct
> ...
> Results as you present below should not happen.

I guess I have to say sorry for rising false attention with you! We 
already did some calculations in a higher-level wrapper program before 
scrutinizing the summed-up values for the respective meters. Doing the 
same summing-up or subtractions twice tends to deliver obscure results.

Best wishes, and sincere appreciation for your (as always) very fast 

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