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[EnergyPlus_Support] Thermostat/Controller/Manager difference

ZONE CONTROL:Thermostatic
Set Point Manager

For Purchased Air, WindowAC, Unitary Sys, Furnace w/DX,
ZONE CONTROL:Thermostatic tells the zone equipment
when it should be available, ie. on/off.

Q1(Y/N):ZONE CONTROL:Thermostatic doesn't tell the zone
equipment whether it should run at 30% or 70% capacity.
Actually, zone equip always run at 100% capacity when "ON".
E+ determines % capacity by Runtime Fraction in the timestep.
That's why we have HVAC,"Average",DX cooling rate.

Q2(Y/N):For Purchased Air,WindowAC,UnitarySys,Furnace w/DX,
ZONE CONTROL:Thermostatic is sufficient for control,
CONTROLLER:SIMPLE & Set Point Manager are not needed.
The reason is that there's no "Plant" in these cases.

Q3(Y/N):Now I upgrade my HVAC to single duct VAV:no reheat.
only ZONE CONTROL:Thermostatic is now "not" sufficient.
It controls only the VAV terminal box (and the VAV Fan)
but not the Coil.

Q4(Y/N):The cooling coil has to be controlled.
If we don't control it, E+ assumes the chilled water
runs at max flow all the time.

Q5(Y/N):I use Purchased:Chilled Water for the Coil,
I don't need Set Point Manager if supply air temp = const.
Set Point Manager comes in when I want to reset
the supply air temp.

Thanks for helping clearify the concept.

Thanks Mike for helping with many previous questions.

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