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[EnergyPlus_Support] Comparing HeatPump and “Purchased air”

Hi All !
I was running the same building twice: One with heat pump system from 
the "Heat pump" example file, and the other with no system, only 
with "Purchased air".
I did it in order to learn about my building's energy thermal loads 
and my system COP.
I found out 2 interesting facts: 
1.	The energy parameters I thought that wouldn't change 
(Heating:EnergyTransfer and Cooling:EnergyTransfer)  ? were very 
different between the run with the system and without it.
2.	In the purchased air solution, There is a difference within 
the heating energy depending on the heating supply air temperature 
(while I thought that it's don't have to be, because the energy 
supplied to the zones is the air heat flow * the air volume, and if 
I "Purchase" hot air ? it doesn't matter what it's temperature 
because the volume is not being determined by me).

What are the report parameters that talk about the thermal load by 
the building? I need it to compare it with the electricity demand and 
calculate my system COP. 
Is there have to be a difference within the heating energy depending 
on the heating supply air temperature in "Purchased air"?
Itamar Goldberger   B.S.c
NBRI     Technion, Israel

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