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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: My way of doing batch run, is this okay ?

(You're fine as far as the license agreement.)

You may want to dig into batch file commands a bit more. They are 
actually very powerful.

For example, I have been doing a set of runs where I want to copy 
essentially the same file to a new filename with a number appended.  
Then I want to run those in series using a numbered weather file as 
well.  To do that, I use a seies of nested batch file which calls 
one another.

My first batch file consists of two lines:

Call MakeFiles PRI_San.Juan TMY2
Call RunLocation PRI_San.Juan TMY2

The second batch file (MakeFiles.bat) has these lines:

FOR /L %%Y IN (1961,1,1990) DO Copy SmallOffice.idf SmallOffice_%1_%%
Copy SmallOffice.idf SmallOffice_%1_%2.idf

The second batch file (RunLocation.bat) has these lines:

FOR /L %%Y IN (1961,1,1990) DO Call RunEnergyPlus SmallOffice_%1_%%Y 
Call RunEnergyPlus SmallOffice_%1_%2 %1_%2

And the RunEnergyPlus is essentially the RunEPlus.bat that is 
provided with EnergyPlus.

The first line in MakeFiles.bat creates a series of 30 identical 
input files named SmallOffice_PRI_San.Juan_1961.idf through 
SmallOffice_PRI_San.Juan_1990.idf.  The second line creates 

The third batch file (RunLocation.bat) then calls RunEnergyPlus 30 
times using SmallOffice_PRI_San.Juan_1961.idf and 
PRI_San.Juan_1961.epw (up through 1990).  The second line calls 
RunEnergyPlus again for the TMY2 input and EPW file.

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Linda Lawrie <linda@l...> 
> At 02:24 AM 12/11/2003, waspoorboy wrote:
> >Does it violates EnergyPlus license agreement ?
> >[i.e., altering/modifying/making use of the existing batch file]
> Hmmm.  I better read the license agreement again.  As far as I 
know, you 
> should be able to use any of the flat files to your purposes.  
This would 
> include the RunEPlus batch file, the EPL-Run batch file that EP-
> uses, change the EPW files to suit your needs (i.e. look at the 
effects of 
> say +2 deg in dry bulb with same other conditions), etc.
> Where you "might" run into trouble would be to give these to 
someone else 
> to use.  But again, if you share them on this forum, (and as you 
say "at 
> your own risk"), I don't think that should be perceived as any 
kind of 
> violation of the license agreement.
> Yes, does look like it would work.  Note, however, that RunEP is 
the result 
> of EP-Launch using the selected items and "crossed" with EPL-Run.
> What might equally work would be another batch file that 
contains "calls" 
> to the RunEPlus batch file.
> call runeplus C:\EnergyPlus111\BatchRun\001 
> C:\EnergyPlus111\WeatherData\AAA.epw
> call runeplus C:\EnergyPlus111\BatchRun\002 
> C:\EnergyPlus111\WeatherData\BBB.epw
> call runeplus C:\EnergyPlus111\BatchRun\003 
> C:\EnergyPlus111\WeatherData\CCC.epw
> You would need to modify runeplus.bat file appropriately so that 
it can 
> accept full paths as the arguments -- as distributed it sets up to 
> inputs from ExampleFiles and the Weatherdata as the WeatherData 
> under the root where EnergyPlus is installed.
> Good luck.
> Linda
> EnergyPlus WebSite: http://www.energyplus.gov
> Owner: EnergyPlus_Support list
> Member: EnergyPlus Development Team
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