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[EnergyPlus_Support] Possibility of reducing time steps (heating assessment)

Hello everyone,

I am interested in the comparison and relative assessment of heating 
concepts. One special focus is the "stochastic use" of individual rooms 
and the possibility of energy savings if very fast ("almost massless") 
heating devices are used.

I can, of course, limit the periods of inhabitance to single hours 
distributed adequately over the various days of some example year, but I 
did not envision any possibility to:

# either define a starting time of the heating equipment relative to the 
onset of the room use with very short precursing time (like some minutes)

# or tell e+ to report comfort and temperature readings in minutes 
ranges after the heating sets in, which might be an alternative approach 
in assessing those interesting values.

In my understanding the smallest time step is 1/6th of an hour which 
would not be adequate for this kind of investigation.

Any help really appreciated!


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