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[EnergyPlus_Support] Venting Wall Cavities

Hi all,
      I am trying to model a wall with a construction
consisting of..
-brick veneer
-building paper
-timber framing with insulation

I have a question.

1/ The airgap between the brick veneer and the
building paper is vented to aviod moisture problems.
How would this be modelled in Energy Plus. i.e do you
have to model it as a seperate zone. My understanding
is that the thermal resistance of the brick veneer is
approximatly halved due to the venting of the airgap.
Since the mass effects of the brick is not of
relevance since it is outside the insulation layer,
this wall might as well be modeled as a standard
timber framed wall. However then the shadowing effects
of the veneer are not recognised. If the veneer is
modelled as an external shading device, I wonder how
the wind sheltering of the timber framed wall would be

Has anyone had experience with modelling cavity walls
like this type before?


Simon Gowland

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