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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Basic Residential AC Modeling Information

"Rated" sensible heat ratios for residential air conditioners
typically vary from 0.72 to 0.78 (although it can be outside this
range in some cases).  The actual SHR at a particular time depends on
the outdoor air conditions, the air conditions entering the cooling
coil, and the air flow rate across the cooling coil.

At the ARI test conditions for unitary direct expansion (DX)
equipment, air enters the cooling coil at 80F db (26.7C) and typically
exits the cooling coil around 56-63F (13.3-17.2C) --> which is 17-24F
below the entering air conditions (similar to the 15-25F you are

Engineering Data sheets from manufacturers give the supply air
conditions from cooling equipment as a function of entering air
conditions, air flow rate, etc.   Much of this information is posted
on their web sites (pdf downloads).

Too many unknowns to give you an estimate on cooling capacity for your
 Atlanta house.

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Ian Doebber"
<idoebber@v...> wrote:
> I am trying to model a standard packaged Air Conditioner for my
residence.  I am interested in the typical air conditions right after
it exits the cooling coil.  I am mainly interested in how reduced the
temperature should be below my set point temperature (I have seen
roughly 15-25 F below), my air flow rate per ton of cooling (I have
seen roughly 350-450 cfm/ton), and what the humidity ratio should be
(right now I have set it at 0.0094).  Also, what is a typical Sensible
Heating Ratio for a residential air conditioner (right now I'm geting
~75%) and if anyone could give me their estimation for the ton of
cooling for a 2275 ft2 house in Atlanta would be that would be great.
 Finally, other then ASHRAE Fundamentals, are there any other standard
ratings for the exiting air conditions and where could I find them.
> Thanks
> Ian Doebber
> Masters Student
> Virginia Tech
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