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[EnergyPlus_Support] about the nodes, again!

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much about your help. Now I still don't know how to 
deal with the problem. I have defined as follow, and the 'Zone 13 
Damper Inlet Node' appear two time, as follow:

    VAV Sys 1,               
    VAV Sys 1 Controllers,   
    VAV Sys 1 Avail List,    
    VAV Sys 1 Branches,      
    Air Loop Inlet Node 1,   
    Return Air Mixer Outlet 1,  
    Zone Equipment Inlet Node 1,  
    Air Loop Outlet Node 1;  

    Zone Supply Air Path 1,  !- Supply Air Path Name
    Zone Equipment Inlet Node 1,  !- Supply Air Path Inlet Node
    Zone Splitter,           !- KEY--System Component Type 1
    Splitter 1;              !- Component Name 1

    Splitter 1,              !- Splitter Name
    Zone Equipment Inlet Node 1,  !- Inlet_Node
    Zone 1 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_1
    Zone 2 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_2
    Zone 3 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_3
    Zone 4 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_4
    Zone 5 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_5
    Zone 6 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_6
    Zone 7 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_7
    Zone 8 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_8
    Zone 9 Damper Inlet Node,!- Outlet_Node_9
    Zone 10 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_10
    Zone 11 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_11
    Zone 12 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_12
    Zone 13 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_13
    Zone 14 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_14
    Zone 15 Damper Inlet Node,  !- Outlet_Node_15
    Zone 16 Damper Inlet Node;  !- Outlet_Node_16
    RF-INT1 VAV system,      !- Name of System
    AirSysAvailSched,        !- System Availability schedule
    Zone 13 Reheat Air Inlet Node,  !- DAMPER Air Outlet Node
    Zone 13 Damper Inlet Node,  !- UNIT Air Inlet Node
    autosize,                !- Maximum air flow rate {m3/s}
    0.3,                     !- Zone Minimum Air Flow Fraction
    Zone 13 Reheat Water Inlet Node,  !- Control node
    COIL:Water:SimpleHeating,!- Reheat Component Object
    Reheat Coil Zone 13,     !- Name of Reheat Component
    autosize,                !- Max Reheat Water Flow {m3/s}
    0.0000000E+00,           !- Min Reheat Water Flow {m3/s}
    RF-INT2 Inlet Node,      !- UNIT Air Outlet Node
    0.00025,                 !- Convergence Tolerance
    NORMAL;                  !- Damper Heating Action
 All the zone Damper Inlet Nodes(From Zone 1 Damper Inlet Node to 
Zone 16 Damper Inlet Node ) are defined at the same way, but the 
complier only gave the Severe message for Zone 13 Damper Inlet Node, 
as follow:
** Severe  ** Node ZONE 13 DAMPER INLET NODE connects to no component
**   ~~~   ** Occurs in Supply Air Path=ZONE SUPPLY AIR PATH 1
**  Fatal  ** Preceding errors cause termination

I have checked many times, and I still can't deal with the problem.
 Could you help me?

Thanks a lot!



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