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[EnergyPlus_Support] Condensation Problem

Hi, all:

I have a question during my simulation of combined
radiant cooling and VAV system. I simulate a floor
a core zone and 4 perimeter zones. Each perimeter zone
has a perimeter office and a corridor between core
zone and perimeter office.  The perimeter zone (office
and corridor) is served by the same radiant slab
cooling system and that is why I set it up as the same

Everything is going well until I add internal mass
into this perimeter zone, the condensation waring
appeared. The interesting thing is that the simulated
result of heating and cooling energy uses with
internal mass increased.  Could somebody tell me what

To test my simulation result, I compare the simulation
result with measured temperatures.  For the measured
office temperature in summer,with solar radiation, the
mean radiant temperature vaires between 21 to 28C, and
air temperature varies between 21 to 25.5C.  The
corridor temperature constantly be kept at 22-23C.  As
I set the office and corridor as one zone (each has
the same area), the mean radian temperature is varied
between 21 to 26.6 and air temperature varied 21 to
24.5C. Do you think this is reasonable as the mixed
temperature for the whole zone? 

To get the different spaces temperatures according to
the measured reslts, I tried to separate the office
and corridor into 2 zones since there are big
temperature differences between these two spaces
(internal loads are separated into two zones, but
outside solar gain is applied to the office, this is
the real situation). But   this time the simulated
mean radiant temperature of the office is much higher
than measured (about 32C).  To decrease the MRT, I
increase the chilled water flow (water temperature 16
C) to the office zone, but this causes about 20
condensation warnings appeared.  I increase the supply
flow rate, but it does not work.  Could somebody tell
me how to avoid these condensation warnings?

Thanks a lot.

Wish you all the best 2005.




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