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[EnergyPlus_Support] about the intrnal heat gain from computers

Hi, All:
I almost finish my simulation and very appreciate the help from Mike and many other expers in EnergyPlus group.
Now I am checking the input in my model.  I have a question about the internal heat gain from "Electric Equipment". I know that typical office work and the inpin the Occupancy heat gain is about 100-130W/person for ut for "lighting design level" can be the calculation of lighting fixtures.  But I am not sure about the Electric Equipment.  
Although referring to some standard, I can use 10W/m2 for the office space. But right now I want to use the actual value for this.  Some days ago, there are some poster for discussing the computer heat production.  If the enegy consumption for a PC (including monitor)  is  about 300W, and there are only 2 computers in a zone. So the input value for this zone is 600W in the Electric Equipment Design Level. Is this method correct?
Although this may be correct for calculation of electrity use of a space, is it correct for the actual heat production?  If all the 600W electricity consumed will be turned into heat production in the space?  If not, what ratio will become heat?   And if a PC is in a standby conidtion, what will be the reasonable range for energy consumption and heat production? Could sombody give me some reference or data? 
Thanks a lot.

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