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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] about node temperatures

Hi, Mike:
I changed the Pump cofficeints to "0, 1, 0, 0" and now the "HW PUMP OUTLET NODE:System Node Temp[C](Hourly) " and the "CW PUMP OUTLET NODE:System Node Temp[C](Hourly) " are kept at 93 degree C and 5C, and accords well to the set temperatures. 
But I checked the CW SUPPLY INLET NODE TEMP and CW PUMP OULET NODE TEMP, I still get some temperatures like these: "5, 5, 5.5, 10.9, 15.4..." which are close to the set temperatures, are these temperatures sound normal? 
Thanks a lot.

"Michael J. Witte" <mjwitte@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
If the pump power remains constant and the flow varies, low flows will get hot 
because the energy must go somewhere.  You either need to let the pump power 
vary (linear power would use coefficients of 0,1,0,0) or use a constant speed 
pump so the excess flow will go through the bypass.


On 14 Jan 2005, at 16:39, zhen tian wrote:

> Hi, Mike:
> Thanks for you reply. I have checked the pump input. Actually, I do use variable
> flow pumps with constant pump power.  But I cannot change rated pump power
> consumption to "autosize" as this will cause severe errors. I did not use any
> autosize function in my model.  I have upload my model named " ICT-NoRC-zt.zip "
> to the yahoo group. Could you check it for me? Thanks a lot. The weather file is
> Calgary, Alberta.
> Regards,
> Zhen 

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