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[EnergyPlus_Support] the low-e glass

Dear all

I have got many solutions on e+ from yours for long time.

this is not a question for e+ and energy simulation but a general 
concept to select glazing.

I make a office model for energy simualtion. It has a high internal 
loads such as occupant, lightings and office automation. The window-
wall ratio is bigger than 90%. 

I think that a double low-e glass(6mmLE/24mm-Air/6mmCL) is much 
than a doule pain glass(6mmCL/24mm-Air/6mmCL) when it is installed 
where internal load is a low-level and heating is prior to cooling 
as residental house needed to air conditioning at night.

Because of its low emittance of long wave radiation, some people say 
that the low-e glass may have disadvatage at west or south perimeter 
zone of an office, transmitted short wave radiation of sun and 
generated much long wave radiation by occupants, lightings and OA 

Although there are a high internal load and long solar heat gian time,
Is a double low-e glass the best choice for the west and south face 
of office building?

Have you exprienced to simulate that case?

or Do you have a related information for the selecting windows 
to its internal condition and face directions.

i'm waiting advices of yours.


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