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[EnergyPlus_Support] Comfort calculation (PMV)

I am comparing the PMV values (Fanger model) calculated by Energyplus 
and by the software `WinComf' developed by Fountain,M.E. and 
Huizenga, C., ASHRAE, 1997.
I have found differences between the results of both programs for a 
period of 10 days in August.
average PMV ground floor: Energyplus=1.98 and WinComf=1.20,
average PMV top floor: Energyplus=2.33 and WinComf=1.40  

For the calculation of the PMV in the software I am taking the 
following values from energyplus:

1.	ZONE 1:Mean Air Temperature[C](Hourly)
2.	ZONE 1:Mean Radiant Temperature[C](Hourly)
3.	ZONE 1:Zone Air Relative Humidity[%](Hourly)
4.	Air Velocity values from the schedule (m/s)
5.	Activity level from the schedule (w/person). The input of 
this category in `WinComf' software is given in Met.
6.	Clothing insulation from the schedule (clo)

My questions are:
?	Are there any other input parameter in Energyplus which might 
affect the results of PMV?
?	Is the Mean Radiant Temperature from the output the same used 
for comfort calculation in Energyplus?
?	Which value of the "Fraction radiant" is acceptable for a 
person wearing light summer clothes? I used 0.6 as in the example.
?	Which value should be used for the "Work efficiency schedule" 
for house activities like walking about and housecleaning? 
Thanks for your support

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