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[EnergyPlus_Support] Output command for EnergyPlus Module.


I am trying to modify part of EnergyPlus module. I have been trying 
to produce output from MoistureBalanceManager.f90 module. I am 
interested in finding out values of a few of variables in that 
module, for example; QStar(out,eq,ilay,surf). I used "open" command, 
followed by "write" and then "close". I wanted EnergyPlus to create 
a text file with the values written on it. I am able to compile, 
build and execute Eplus.exe. But so far I can't produce that. I look 
every where but I could not find it. My questions are:
1. Is this  a right way to do it? I read FORTRAN's manual and the 
routine that I mentioned above should give me what I want. But it 
2. I also used unit=7 which is the default value for printing 
results. But it didn't work. It should, should not it?
3. Would it be possible that Eplus did create the text file but 
erased it after it was done with a simulation? 
4. If so, where is that command located? I have tried to look for 
such command but I didn't find it.
5.  If not, can you give me some ideas? 

I am going to post MoistureBalanceManager.f90 that has the command I 
have used. I not sure if it would help but just to show you what I 
have done. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Albert Sitorus
Portland State University
Portland Oregon.     

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