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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Comfort calculation (PMV)

Dear all,
I sent this message last week and I need a reply to take a decision 
and continuing my PhD research. I apologise for my insistence,  
thank you very much again, Abel. 

Posted on May 20th.
> Thank you very much Linda, Brent and Fabyo for your quick reply. 
> I'm using the last version 1.2.2 030. I changed the values 
> of "Fraction radiant" and "Work efficiency schedule". With 6% 
(0.06) of work efficiency corresponding with mechanic work (M=100 
W/m2)the PMV values are even higher (average PMV=2.85)in comparison 
with the values given by WinConf software (average PMV=1.40). 
> Besides, with air temperatures and MRT higher than around 32ºC,
> increase of mechanical work results in lower PMV. That means that 
> with MRT=32ºC and Ta=35ºC the PMV=4.67 when M=60 W/m2 and
> when M=100 W/m2. This problem was found in both EnergyPlus and 
> WinConf software. Did you hear about this "problem" before or still 
> it is possible I'm entering wrong values? 
> Apart from that I have been looking without success at clo values 
> a mattress and a cotton sheet to evaluate comfort during the night 
> in the warm and humid conditions of Havana. If you could give me 
> source where I can find those values I will appreciate it very much.
> Abel

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