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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: A question about ceiling height

If you're talking about some of our example files, that is -100 
meters.  Negative.

Therefore, EnergyPlus calculates the zone height and uses the calculated 
height in any calculations, as necessary.

At 02:46 AM 6/1/2005, deserteagle_zhou wrote:
>How can a room height be 100 meter ?

Note, if someone put in 100 meters, the program would likely spit out a 
warning -- presuming that the calculated zone height would be significantly 
different.  On the other hand, one could represent a very tall building as 
one zone and account for all the thermal mass in the internal floors, walls 
differently.  So, 100 meters, while a bit odd, is not outside possibilities.


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