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[EnergyPlus_Support] HEAT EXCHANGER:AIR TO AIR:FLAT PLATE in zone equipment

Good day to You all!
I'd like to simulate an air loop in which a HEAT EXCHANGER:AIR TO 
AIR:FLAT PLATE comes after a ZONE PLENUM. Since the HEAT 
EXCHANGER:AIR TO AIR:FLAT PLATE is among the available choices in 
ZONE EQUIPMENT LIST, I hope it can be used it as an air distribution 
unit, such as DIRECT AIR or VAV. But it seems like it is not 
accepted as a part of the air loop, since I continue to receive 
Severe errors about node connections. In particular, I wonder 
1) The supply part of the HEAT EXCHANGER:AIR TO AIR:FLAT PLATE can 
be used in the air loop, especially in the zone equipment part;
2) The secondary part of the HEAT EXCHANGER:AIR TO AIR:FLAT PLATE 
can be placed:
- Between a zone and the return air path (I think it is not 
- At the beginning of the air primary loop, that is just after the 
air path;
Last question: Which components can be placed between a zone plenum 
and a zone splitter?

Thank You in advance
Have a good time


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