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[EnergyPlus_Support] Error message on flow rate


I am simulating a VAV system with baseboard heater in selected 
spaces. I am using purchased hot and chilled water as the central 
plant. When I tried to run the file, I got a severe error message, 

   ** Severe  ** Inlet parameters for plant demand side splitter are 
not physically possible
   **   ~~~   ** Problem in input for plant demand side HOT WATER 
   **   ~~~   ** The maximum flow out of the splitter is less than 
the minimum inlet flow
   **   ~~~   ** Flow rate inputs for the loop do not match flow 
requirements of the various branches/components
   **   ~~~   ** Check your flow rates and make sure that flow 
balances between the splitter inlet and outlets

I double checked the connections between the zones and branches, and 
did not find anything suspicious. I am using "autosize" for the flow 

I am puzzled... Could anybody please help me out? I upload the input 
file to the "Files" area, with the name "flow rate error.idf".

Thanks a lot,

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