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[EnergyPlus_Support] Question on Zone Control.

I have a question about the Zone Control Thermostatic object. I read the I/O 
reference and understood that we can set the thermostatic control to each 
hour based on the control type. There are two questions:
-I assume that the type of the thermostat itself will determine the control 
type right, i.e. if we have a Single cooling set point thermostat then 
obviously its control type is 2. Now assuming that we have two different 
thermostats in a zone, then how do we determine what should be the control 
type if we dont know the loads. Would,nt it be a chicken or egg problem, 
when you are requiring energyPlus to calculate the loads and these loads in 
turn are required to determine the thermostat control in the input file?
-I am just wondering how are the controls Single Cooling/heating setpoint is 
going to help modeling. We do not know what the loads for the building are 
going to be, so if we set the control to either one of them and the load is 
opposite, then there would be no cooling/heating provided. Is it not 
reasonable to say that only Dual Set point control can be used to model a 
building to have the room temperatures are maintained?


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