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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Same connectors on multiple loops

Yes, that is correct. 


Collapse all the condenser loops into one loop.  The individual towers are then on separate branches inside the supply side splitter/mixer and get mixed before going to the one supply side outlet.


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So It would not work if I gave all of my supply-side condenser loops the same outlet node because each loop needs its own supply-side outlet node.  Is that correct?



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It won’t work to connect multiple loops using some tricky configuration.  In general, nodes and connectors need to be unique across different plant loops; you are not allowed to use splitter/mixers to cross-wire loops.  Certain types of component models do “connect” separate loops but it is usually pretty clear from the node input fields that they are intended for that purpose.  


You can use a single condenser loop to serve multiple chillers and multiple towers.  The splitter/mixer for the towers will mix cooled condenser water before returning to the chillers. 


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Is is possible to put the same connectors (connector list) on multiple loops?

I am modeling a building with multiple chillers and cooling towers. After the condenser water leaves the chiller, it is pumped directly into one of the cooling towers. After the cooling tower, the water is then collected in a big tank (along with the water from all the other cooling towers). The water is then pumped from the tank to one of the chillers.

I was thinking of modeling this with multiple condenser water loops, with each loop having the same CONDENSER DEMAND SIDE BRANCH LIST NAME. That way each condenser loop can be mixed together after leaving the cooling tower.

Will this be a problem? Am I aloud to have the same mixer associated each loop?

Please let me know what you all think, and if there is a better way to do this.




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