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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Some doubts about output variables

Why don't you put all 3 reporting frequencies in your input file and compare them.

Output:Variable,A_POMPA CIRC,Pump Electric Consumption,Detailed;
Output:Variable,A_POMPA CIRC,Pump Electric Consumption,TimeStep;
Output:Variable,A_POMPA CIRC,Pump Electric Consumption,Annual;

The sum of the detailed and timestep columns should be the same as the annual result.

You could also add hourly and monthly reporting and make sure the sum of those reports are the same as the annual result.

Output:Variable,A_POMPA CIRC,Pump Electric Consumption,Hourly;
Output:Variable,A_POMPA CIRC,Pump Electric Consumption,Monthly;

On 2/23/2011 7:09 AM, dani_lore1984 wrote:

Dear all,
I'm modelling 3 building/15 thermal zones (5 each) for university, some zones have radiator and somes low temperature radiant floor (35°C). HVAC is only for sensible heating, no cooling in summer. Zones are controlled with a SingleHeating thermostat to have 20°C all days. Internal gain are modelled only with "OtherEquipment" module, no lights, no person. Infiltration are constant during all day with 0,3 v/h. All this choices because I've to be the nearest to UNI TS 11300 raccomandation for building simulation.

My problems are about outputs:

1) I've calculate invernal consumption of 1 of 3 building making a mountly sum of "A_BOILER:Boiler Gas Consumption Rate [W](TimeStep)", (I've set 1 timestep/hour so, I think, I can consider my output as Kh), adding mountly sum of "A_POMPA CIRC:Pump Electric Consumption [J](TimeStep)" (J/3600 = Wh), then sum all mountly result of invernal period (jan-apr; oct-dec) to obtain kWh/mq year consumption. It's strange because the result is too low, only 25 kWh/mq year! So I've one doubt, it's correct to consider W-Timestep as Wh? because if I print variables as "Detailed" I've one result at variable time, and summing all values the result is highter!

So, for analize HVAC output I've to print Timestep or Detailed variables?

2) It's possible to print HVAC's Performance (LOAD/CONSUMPTION)?

Thanks in advance!

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