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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Can Eplus process expression as input?

To have expressions used you would need to use the epmacro or parametric preprocessor version (or have an EMS program that still wouldn't allow in this object that _expression_).

Both epmacro and parametric preprocessor are described in the Auxiliary Programs document and/or the Input Output Reference.

At 03:56 AM 3/17/2013, marko.ignjatovic1980 wrote:
Hi all,

although in Input output reference I found that E+ can take an expressions instead of fixed values, I am not sure my variable fan model does that (what variable should I measure, since fan power consumption is 0 in my case). This is with numbers - I was trying to optimize it using genopt.

    DUPLA FASADA1 Supply Fan,!- Name
    HVACTemplate-Always 1 DSF,  !- Availability Schedule Name
    0.7,                     !- Fan Efficiency
    100,                     !- Pressure Rise {Pa}
    =15*(0-1)*40*8/3600,     !- Maximum Flow Rate {m3/s}
    Fraction,                !- Fan Power Minimum Flow Rate Input Method
    0.1,                     !- Fan Power Minimum Flow Fraction
    0,                       !- Fan Power Minimum Air Flow Rate {m3/s}
    0.9,                     !- Motor Efficiency
    1,                       !- Motor In Airstream Fraction
    0.0015302446,            !- Fan Power Coefficient 1
    0.0052080574,            !- Fan Power Coefficient 2
    1.1086242,               !- Fan Power Coefficient 3
    -.11635563,              !- Fan Power Coefficient 4
    0,                       !- Fan Power Coefficient 5
    DUPLA FASADA1 Mixed Air Outlet,  !- Air Inlet Node Name
    DUPLA FASADA1 Supply Fan Outlet,  !- Air Outlet Node Name
    Ventilator;              !- End-Use Subcategory


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