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The eQuest library contains a curve set for an air-cooled scroll chiller. There is no indication if this represents multiple compressors or not, but if you compare the EIR-fPLR curve outputs w/other chillers you might be able to tell. These curves would be selected from the custom curves list in the chiller window / performance curve tab in eQuest, then from each drop down, "library" -> "chiller," after which the curve appears. 

Otherwise the multiple-compressor "reciprocating" chiller curves might provide a reasonable representation of typical scroll chillers, at least w/o the effort of making custom curves. These are selected by eQuest automatically when the user selects the "type" & compressors/ckt from  the main chiller window. Check the default minimum cycling and hot gas bypass ratios. 

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SIM List,
                I need to model a scroll chiller (. Does anyone have an opinion on which eQUEST chiller is a reasonable choice for this? I was thinking that centrifugal would be the closest but this is simply based on mechanical operation. I would like to choose the closest model based on performance.
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