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Hi Bob,


Pasha's experience echoes my own - eQuest can import one type of file -
*.inp.  Only one program I'm aware of can generate an *.inp from another
file's information:  Autodesk's Green Building Studio Desktop (GBS).




At my last check, you can acquire a 30-day trial of this web-based
software for free if you'd like to invest some time trying to get the
process to work.  I've revisited the concept for two separate projects,
and both times ended up empty-handed as I tried unsuccessfully to
resolve issues caused in the conversion process rooted in how the Revit
file was constructed.  I'd advise, if you do not have access to the
Revit Architectural Suite, to consider that you will have some serious
coordination involved with the architect or other client in possession
of that software package.  Definitely look up the white paper Autodesk
has published regarding key things that must be managed correctly in the
Revit file before attempting to export the (gb)*.xml file that GBS


Ultimately, I've come to the same conclusion two separate times - it's a
faster and more efficient use of your time to buckle down and build the
3D geometries up yourself alongside all of the other information
defineable in the wizard screens.  By all accounts, an imported
Revit/gbxml-based *.inp file will not include a myriad of items that are
immensely easier to define through the wizards, and you would have to
start your project in detailed mode.  


Best wishes,








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hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe what you
need to do is have Revit export an .inp file that it creates from the
input building geometry.  Then you use this .inp file in your eQuest
project.  If I understand correctly the 3D viewer in eQuest can
interpret this input and should show you your model graphic.  Becareful
when you do this though, because you will be in DDedit mode only.  If
you have not "zoned" your building in the Revit file, then you will have
either un-desired zoning  in eQuest, or you will have to have a lot of
inputs (tedious) in your eQuest model--likely one zone for each room &
space designed in your building.


I don't have successful personal experience with this approach.  I
usually default to doing my own inputs, now that I can do it 'fast
enough' from my experience--maybe a little extra time this way, but way
less headaches with eQuest...



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Dear eQuest Users,


Can eQuest import a GBXML and/or how is 3d geometry imported.




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