[Equest-users] LEED compliance questions

Nick Caton ncaton at smithboucher.com
Fri May 4 12:59:10 PDT 2012

Hi Matt!

To my understanding:

1.       The unmet hours you report in the templates are for the non-rotated baseline.  I don't believe "rotated unmet hours" need be a concern.

2.       I don't see a conflict, provided you are defining lighting energy for both models in the same fashion.

3.       Determine the fan power per Appendix G (Pfan), divide by the baseline system CFM (same airflow used to find Pfan, found in SV-A reports and the eQuest airside summary tab), and enter the resulting kW/CFM here, for each system:
[cid:image002.png at 01CD2912.7679B410]
(note: you may need to clear out (right-click, press 'r') the supply static input if the wizards populated that box).

As a heads up:  Fan heat in the airstream is defined via the delta-T input, above.  By default this is figured from whatever you enter for kW/cfm.  Revising kW/cfm can change delta-T here enough to affect baseline system CFM, prompting you to re-calculate fan power... this gets old after a few rounds!  Usually the difference in sized CFM is not major, but can be enough to make your baseline system calcs appear off to an attentive reviewer.  To avoid this crazy little merry-go-round, I typically lock the fan heat down by entering (red text) the value from which baseline sizing CFM's are determined - i.e. the default.  I do this after my sizing run and immediately prior to entering my calculated kW/CFM inputs.  There are other 'fair' ways to handle fan heat I'm aware of (motor placement -> "outside airstream" and zeroing out fan heat prior to your sizing run come to mind), but so far as I know ASHRAE is pretty silent on the matter, so you may choose any path you would feel comfortable explaining to a reviewer.


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So I've completed an equest model that is mostly ready for submission, but I have a couple of questions on the 90.1 Appendix G rules and am hoping I can get some clarification:

1)     regarding unmet hours - the baseline model satisfies the unmet hours criteria, but one of the rotations violates the 50 hour rule.  Is this acceptable, or do I need to make some changes.
2)     Concerning lighting power density - for the proposed design, I modeled the designed lighting system (new construction) using 90.1-9.1.3 (Installed Interior Lighting Power) and modeled the baseline LPD using the space-by-space method.
3)     How do I enter the correct baseline fan power to comply with G3.1.2.9?  I have them calculated, but am unsure of how to enter the rating in DDE (system 3, PSZ)

Thanks for the help!
--Matt Clough
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