[Equest-users] Adobe/Compressed Earth Construction?

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Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't really phrase that question very well. I was hoping somebody might have some representative values for adobe bricks that I could plug in. I've been very surprised at how difficult this information is to track down.

Another thing that I've always heard of adobe walls is that they absorb moisture during the night and then the walls will cool down as the moisture evaporates during the day. I don't think this is something that eQUEST models, and was wondering if this effect is even significant enough to worry about.

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The performance of an adobe wall is more related to its thermal capacitance, or ability to store heat, not necessarily the R-Value... You should be able to model this in eQuest by creating a material and defining its thermal properties. I have never tried it myself though.

The wall basically absorbs heat from the sun throughout the day and transfers some of that heat to the interior once the sun goes down. Good for climates with high temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night.

Hope this helps.


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I'm working on a small building in a coastal environment in South Texas. The Architect is contemplating adobe construction. Unfortunately, my search of the archives did not yield any results, as the archives are full of discussions regarding Adobe PDFs.

When assembled, the R-Value is only around R-6.0, or even less. If you believe all the propaganda these adobe salesmen are pushing, it would seem that an adobe wall can perform much better than that. Has anybody ever successfully modeled an adobe wall in eQUEST?

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