[Equest-users] defining minimum primary airflow

Madjid Madjidi madjidi at web.de
Thu Feb 28 07:12:09 PST 2013

Dear eQuest experts,

I am still hoping and urgently waiting for anybody who 

could help me understand the following reviewer comment:

"... the SV-A reports for the Proposed case show many 

zones with minimum flow fractions of 1.0 when the minimum 

outside air is less than the supply airflow. In future 

submittals ensure that the minimum primary airflow is 

modeled as prescribed in Section G3.1.3.14 and provide 

the SV-A reports to confirm the appropriate minimum 

flow ratios are modeled as required."  Now, for me the

confusing thing is that G3.1.3.14 describes the baseline

and not the proposed model. Is there a mistyping ? Or does

it mean that I have to change both the baseline and the proposed

model ? The minimum out door air definition seems to be neglected

for some zones in eQuest. But I dont know why (schedules ?, ...)

I can send you the model, if you have time to check that point.

Thank you in advance and with best regards 

Madjid Madjidi

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