[Equest-users] pre-school simulation and a few basic questions

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Tue Mar 5 07:33:35 PST 2013

Hi all,


My name is Noa and I'm just starting to get to know e-Quest.

I'm doing a research on Passive elements in pre-schools and I have a few

1. Is e-Quest taking into consideration the relative humidity and does it
have any effect on the results of the simulation?

2. When dose an air conditioner starts to work?

3. Can I insert only the R value of a wall and get good results?

4. is there a list of common values for pre-school air conditioner?


Thank you very much,


Noa Hakak


נעה חקאק

WAWA ייעוץ לתכנון בניה ירוקה 


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 <http://www.gbwawa.com/> www.gbwawa.com

 <mailto:noa at gbwawa.com> noa at gbwawa.com



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