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Thermal storage only can reduce peak load of chiller, but can not reduce peak load of building peak load.The building peak load is decided by heat gain(loss) of building envelop and internal heat gain(loss),it isn't affect by thermal storage.If you want to know reduction of peak load of chiller ,you can review PS-D report.

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Thank you for valuable suggestions.

However, the model with thermal storage still have unmet hours. I checked peak building load annually and monthly (LS-C and LS-D report) and found no change in peak load.

Please guide me to overcome this problem.

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Pls check your charging sch & discharging sch, this may help.




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Dear eQuest users,

I need help in thermal storage modelling. The issue which I have faced is:
The project have 4 chiller (2200 TR each). To reduce peak load in day time, I have modeled thermal storage of 8000 TR-h (95 MBTU) with charging and discharging rate at 11.9 MBTU/h and 12 MBTU/h. To size each chiller capacity, I modeled chillers as autosize in both case (with and without thermal storage).

When there is no thermal storage the chiller sizing is 2386 TR each (4 chiller) with zero unmet hours and When I modeled thermal storage and a chiller dedicated to thermal storage and other three are working as supporting to thermal storage. The chiller size in this case are 3 chillers of 3496 TR and one chiller of 1026 TR and 5467 unmet hours.

I am following procedure as mentioned in tutorial (attached). However, I got unmet hours and higher cooling tonnage than without thermal storage case.

Please help me to sort out this problem.

Mayank Bhatnagar
Energy Analyst

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