[Equest-users] 90.10-2007 Baseline systems question

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That's exactly correct.  You could infer from the observed behavior the
compliance rulesets are anticipating something along the lines of "one shell
per floor," so if you deviate you'll need to make the corrections yourself.

For the purposes of a LEED/Appendix G based model, it's generally advisable
to consider the compliance features of eQuest as "in development."  They can
be useful to a point, but will not carry the ball all the way to the endzone
for you in most regards.


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Appendix G3.1.1 states that for systems 5, 6, 7, and 8, each floor shall be
modeled with a separate HVAC system.  When performing the Compliance
Analysis eQuest creates a Baseline separate system for each shell even
though a floor may be modeled with 2 or more shells.  My question is should
the Baseline systems be revised so that each floor has only one system - in
other words, where a floor is modeled with two or more separate shells,
combine the equest created systems into one system for that floor?

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