[Bldg-sim] Occupancy loads of a typical American typical family in a small container house

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This report has good load profiles for various appliances, might be





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Hello all,


I am simulating a small container house (22'x 18'x 8', two bedrooms, one
bathroom, one living room and one kitchen) for a single western life-style
family of 2 adults and 2 children. I am already done with the envelope and
HVAC but now I am not sure how to proceed in applying typical occupancy
loads in the house, only electric appliances by the way.


Does anyone know how can I build a typical hourly usage of this particular
family in this particular small container house? I need a 24h-usage curve
and 8760h-annual hourly usage data. With all these patterns, I could
customize options and apply in the softwares.


This is kinda a lot to ask but I just wanted any ideas and a help please
to know how and where to start. Anything is welcome.


Thank you.





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