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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] We're considering....

At 06:06 AM 6/12/02, Andy Tindale wrote:
>Over longer report intervals such as a month, I would have thought it
>possible for non-zero losses and gains to be reported at the same time (??).
>Combining separate loss and gain variables into a single report variable
>would make it impossible to resolve total 'losses + gains' into losses and
>gains.  This may not be important, but personally I would prefer to keep the
>ability to resolve into losses and gains.

Andy has hit the crux of the matter precisely.  (Something we forgot for a 
few minutes until we thought about it).

While the exclusivity of the +/- is true for each time step of 
consideration, it may not be true in the longer picture such as aggregated 
to a month, a day, or even an hour.  This means the value would be a "net" 
gain or loss for the time period but it also is quite likely that if you 
reported on the value for both daily and monthly that the daily would not 
add up to the monthly.  Which is something that would look quite strange.

We have already done this separation, for example, in the heating and 
cooling area -- where internally we may represent them with +/- for 
convenience, when we report they are always non-negative.  This also means 
you don't need to remember EnergyPlus's convention (sign) for heating/cooling.

Ultimately, though it means a bit more work, we will probably land on the 
side of reporting heat gain and heat loss separately.


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