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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Material:WindowBlind

In the field descriptions for Material:WindowBlind, the references to 
Fig. 5 are incorrect, they should all be references to Fig. 6, found 
on p. 66.  Our apologies for the confusion.


On 10 Sep 2002, at 7:57, Linda Lawrie wrote:

> Also check out the "blinds" section of the Engineering Doc Reference under 
> "Optical Properties of Windows".
> At 07:40 AM 9/10/2002, you wrote:
> >Studying the E+ manual, section Input/Output Reference, the referred 
> >Figure 5 (page 60) does not show blinds consisting of slats. Further the 
> >verbal description of slat details in the manual is unclear.  According to 
> >this, the following questions arise:
> >What is the slat width and the slat separation?
> If you still have questions, please ask again then.  There is also an 
> example file: PurchAirWindowBlind.idf which may illustrate the use for you.
> Linda
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