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[EnergyPlus_Support] WindowShadingControl

Dear Sir/Madam

The object WindowShadingControl requires a certain setpoint value. What value do I have to enter if the Shading Control Type “Always On” is used. A simulation without specifying the value, produces the following error message:

   ** Warning ** Object=WINDOWSHADINGCONTROL, name=BLIND, entered with less than minimum number of fields.

   **   ~~~   ** Attempting fill to minimum.

   ** Warning ** Set point is zero in WindowShadingControl BLIND

   **   ~~~   ** This may mean set point was not specified when it should have been.


Other than explained in the user manual, in my case the shading does not need to be activated as it is on all the time. So, do I have to set a value or do not I have?


I would appreciate your help.





DI (FH) Alexander Beisteiner

Forschungs- und Technologietransfer
Pinkafeld GmbH
Steinamangerstrasse 21
7423 Pinkafeld

Tel.: 0043/3357/45370-1324
Fax: 0043/3357/45370/1010


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