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[EnergyPlus_Support] Using E+ for the first time

I apologize in advance if my question may seem rudimentary, but this is my
first simulation using the Energy Plus software.  I am doing my best to make
sense out of all the documentation, but I am still unclear on a few issues.
It is probably best if I describe the system I'm trying to model, then
follow with my questions.
I am modeling a 3 story building with the following systems:
Single Duct VAV (w/ electric reheat) for each zone served by Air Handling
Water Cooled Chillers supply the Air Handling Units while rejecting to
Cooling Towers
No boilers (or source of hot water) are needed because of the warm climate
of the location
My problem comes in getting started with the .IDF file.  I have been looking
at the HVAC templates for Chillers, Cooling Towers and VAV systems supplied
with the latest version (1.0.3).  I can't really seem to make sense of this
given the information in the manual.
*Should I be using the templates instead of entering the information in
manually in the IDF editor?
*Also, how do I incorporate all 3 systems since they come up as IMF files?
Thank you in advance,

 Greg Doerge
MW Consulting Engineers
Voice: 206.515.4004
Fax: 206.545.2026


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