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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Building of eight plans


If we use the "multiplier" field equal to 1 the results are the following:

Baseboard: Energy Transfer = 3.624.864 J
Gas: Plant = 435.550.018 J
Boilers: Energy Transfer = 391.995.016 J
Cooling: Energy Transfer = 175.618 J
Heating: Energy Transfer = 3.800.482 J

With the "multiplier" field equal to 6:

Baseboard: Energy Transfer = 11.477.244 J
Gas: Plant = 515.375.031 J
Boilers: Energy Transfer = 463.837.528 J
Cooling: Energy Transfer = 0 J
Heating: Energy Transfer = 11.477.244 J

We think that this results are wrong because we have six dwellings, and the
values of the energy transfer of the baseboards, of the gas and boilers are
too lows. Does Energy Plus consider the consumptions of all the baseboards
of each dwelling and of the six boilers?.

Best regards,

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