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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Thermal Bridging

Thanks to all who responded with methods for determining the 
equivalent properties.  Whatever approach you take, do NOT describe 
the equivalent wall as just a single Material:Regular-R layer.  This 
would eliminate all mass effects.  You need to have some 
Material:Regular in your construction in order to model the thermal 


On 6 Feb 2003, at 19:39, unrme donovan@xxxxxxx wrote:

> We are attempting to model a building which is being constructed with
> CFMF. In addition to EnergyPlus we are building a model with mathcad.
> The mathcad model was able to identify the serious issue of thermal
> bridging with this type of construction. It appears that EnergyPlus
> does not address this issue. Should I take the calculated R value from
> mathcad and enter it in EnergyPlus as Material: Regular R? Thanks!

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