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[EnergyPlus_Support] Fan Coil Output


Here are two problems I met when I tried to output the cooling and 
heating energy for each fan coil unit. 

1. I used FanCoil.idf in the example file folder but I made the fan 
available schedule to be 7am-5pm all year round. I left the heating 
and cooling coil as well as the fan coil unit available schedule the 
same as what they are in the example file. Then I got something 
strange when I ouput the Fan Coil Heating Energy and Fan Coil Total 
as well as Sensible Cooling Energy for each fan coil unit. In the 
winter design day, the total and sensible cooling energy is not zero 
during unoccupied hours. Then I looked at the fan oulet node 
temperature and cooling coil outlet temperature, but there are 
exactly the same during these hours. Is it due to the difference 
between fan, coils and fan coil unit available schedules? Must these 
schedules the same as each other?

2. I used my E+ input file, which includes a fan coil unit in each 
controlled zone and purchased cooling and heating as the chilled and 
hot water source, similar to the example file FanCoilAutoSize.idf, 
and I output the Fan Coil Heating Energy and Fan Coil Total Cooling 
Energy for each unit as well as PurchasedCooling:Facility and 
PurchasedHeating:Facility. I expected that the sum of Fan Coil 
Heating Energy should be the same as PurchasedHeating:Facility in 
each hour, but it is not. I do not know what the reason is. I have no 
cooling and heating usage except for the fan coil unit.

Please can anyone give me some help?


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