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[EnergyPlus_Support] Bug/Problem report, ContFanCycComp will cause error.

I don't know if I should call it a bug.
Just want to share my discovery.
Description: If FURNACE:BLOWTHRU:HEATCOOL use CycFanCycCoil,
but COIL:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical use ContFanCycComp,
there will be a lot of warnings like the below:
The reason I report this is because the error message didn't
tell me I should use CycFanCycComp.
I tried to correct the Air volume flow rate but doesn't help,
and before I went to check the weather file to see if
Temperature/Enthalpy wrong, I read Message#1228 and figure this out.
The error message looks also similar to Message#1376,1384,1385
which Linda and others suspect the problem might come from
weather file.
To reproduce this error, simply open FurnacewithDXSystem.idf
and change CycFanCycComp to ContFanCycComp in 
When corrected back, the whole bunch of warnings are gone.
Hope this discovery will help some users in the future.
** Warning ** COIL:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical 
"FURNACE ACDXCOIL 1" - Air volume flow rate per watt 
of rated total cooling capacity is out of range.
** Warning ** Enthalpy out of range (SATUTH).....
** Warning ** Temperature out of range.....
** Warning ** Calculated Humidity Ratio Invalid (PSYWTP).....
** Warning ** Calculated Relative Humidity out of range (PSYRHT)....
**   ~~~   ** Relative Humidity being reset to .01
************* Psychrometric Error Summary
*************  Routine - Number of errors
*************    PSYDPT-0
*************    PSYRHT-20
*************    PSYTWD-0
*************    PSYVTW-0
*************    PSYWDP-0
*************    PSYWTH-0
*************    PSYWTP-242
*************    PSYWTR-86
*************    SATUPT-586
*************    SATUTH-91
*************    SATUTP-0
*************    tp12c0-0
*************    tp12c1-0
*************    tp12h0-0
*************    tp12h1-0
*************    freeze-0

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