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[EnergyPlus_Support] Segmentation fault when requesting variable dictionary

Hello all,

when trying to obtain a report variable dictionary for our input IDF 
file (uploaded as roosen.idf.gz to the group's file section) we get 
segmentation faults. Not requesting the dictionary leaves the IDF file 
operable. The calculations are performed in conjunction with the weather 
file DEU_Dusseldorf_IWEC.epw

The SegFaults occur at different reported posisitions when processing 
the IDF file on different machines, but at identical places in different 
runs on the same machine.

We use the Version - Linux on either an older SuSE or a 
contemporary Debian Woody system with memory sizes of more than 370 MB 
on either machine and definitely enough swap space.

Any pointer to what might go wrong with our simulation would really be 

	Peter Roosen
goethe GbR               Vollmer & Roosen GbR     Dr. Peter Roosen
www.goethe-gbr.de        www.linguadapt.de        www.peter-roosen.com
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