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[EnergyPlus_Support] Weather Data for EnergyPlus

As you know, we have weather data in EnergyPlus format for almost 600
locations worldwide available for download on our web site

For your use, we have just uploaded a spreadsheet to the YahooGroups site
lists all the EPW files currently available and summarizes key weather
statistics, including:
   Location latitude, longitude, time zone, elevation, standard pressure,
   and WMO identifier
   Design conditions for heating, cooling, coincident wet bulb, and annual
   max and min temps
   Annual heating and cooling degree days
   Köppen climate classification
   Seasons, typical and extreme weeks, and tropical wet/dry periods

But we know that a number of major cities are not represented in this set
(Hong Kong, Lisbon,
to name two). We recently received a set of almost 60 locations in Italy,
and another 50 in
Japan.  We hope to publish those on the web site before the end of the

Two requests:

1.  If you have weather data that you'd be willing to share with the
EnergyPlus user community
(and know the source and are willing to have published on the web site),
please contact me.

2.  If there are locations that you need EPW format weather data for,
please let me know.  We
have several tools that we can use to 'create' weather data from statistics
including WeatherMaker,
Meteonorm, and WeatherGen.  The data will be statistically derived but you
can compare the
statistics against other nearby locations to ensure that you are

Dru Crawley

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