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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Economizer in Dual Duct VAV system doesn't work?

My apologies for the delayed response.  After a quick look, I believe 
the problem is with the SET POINT MANAGER:OUTSIDE AIR object.  What 
you really want here is SET POINT MANAGER:MIXED AIR.  Refer to the 
5ZoneAuto example file for an example.  


On 14 Oct 2003, at 16:14, larry zhou wrote:

> Hello, everyone:
> I am trying to build a Dual Duct VAV System in
> Energy-Plus. What I do is to modify the example idf
> file in the E+ example directory and add an
> economizer. Unfortunately, the economizer doesn?t
> work. I have been blocked by this issue for more
> than one week. Does anyone have some idea to solve
> the problem? Thanks a lot.
> The attached text file is part of my E+ system model.
> Please let me know if you need more information or
> the complete idf file.
> Lei Zhou

Michael J. Witte, GARD Analytics, Inc.
EnergyPlus Testing and Support      

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