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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: COMSI AIR FLOW:OPENING=>Discharge coefficient ?


Thanks for your explanation.

For crack, Q=Cp*(delta P)^n

For opening, Q= Cd*A* f(delta P)

1.The airflow calculation for LVO is some complicated function in 
COMIS, much more complicated than crack flow. (Y/N)

2.The calculation algorithm of LVO is not explained in COMIS 3.0 user 
guide, is there any manuals or publications that talk about it ?

3.If Cd is specified by user (not zero), then COMIS will use it and 
not determine the Cd from the other input parameters. (Y/N)

4.For EnergyPlus/COMIS to determine Cd itself, the user specify all 
Cd to zero for all opening factors. (I mean does this work in 
EnergyPlus/COMIS as in COMIS 3.0) (Y/N)

5.Is it recommended to let COMIS determine Cd itself ? (Y/N)

6.E+ I/O ref manual p.245 says Cd should be 0.0 ~ 1.0,
but COMIS 3.0 manual p.62 says Cd can be up to ~ 1.5,
does it work in E+ when Cd > 1.0 ? (Y/N)

W_Window, !- Name
.0001,    !- Air Mass Flow Coeff Window or Door Is Closed

some combinations of Air Mass Flow Coeff cause error message
in E+/COMIS:
**Fatal** Error in the ventilation part! MATRIX SINGULAR FOR ZONE #6
Is there any solutions ?

Thanks again,

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