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[EnergyPlus_Support] heat exchanger

Hi, All:
I have a question about using the heat exchanger object. I found that if I use "Heat Exchanger: air to air: flat plate" , I do not need a set point manager, but when I use "Heat Exchanger: air to air: Generic", it requires a set point manager for heat exchanger. Could somebody tell me why?
By addding a heat exchanger, I found that the heating energy use decreased a lot but the cooling energy use increased much in winter.  I do use economizer within 20C to 4C outside temperature. I check the node temperature, when the heat recovery outlet node temperature can meet the setpoint (14C), but the mixed is about 17C to 20C and higher than supply air temperature 15.6C. This is the result of the mixture of some portion of return air. 
Is there any solution to control the mixed temperaure?  I use a set point manager for the mixed air temperature control. But sounds like if there was some portion of return air mixture, the mixed air temperature will be higher than supply air temp, when the outside temperature varies between -10C to 4C (winter).
Could sombody tell me how to avoid this situation?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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