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[EnergyPlus_Support] Passive houses: Subsoil heat exchanger and heat recovery

Good morning/evening to You all.
I am an Italian Ph.D. Student in Energetics, so I apologize for my 
rough English.
I am going to use EnergyPlus for studying Passive Houses.
The plant I would like to simulate is reduced to an air loop, 
composed by:
- 1 Subsoil heat exchanger (passed through by the outside air) per 
building, for preheating (in winter) or precooling (in summer) the 
outside air stream
- 1 fan per flat
- 1 Heat exchanger per flat

This way, the Air loop is composed by the Outside Air Mixer alone.
The Supply Air Path has a Supply plenum that simulates the subsoil 
heat exchanger with appropriate boundary conditions (since a Subsoil 
heat exchanger Routine is not present) and is connected to the zone 
equipment of each flat.
The Return Air Path consists of a Return Mixer that collects the 
return airflow from each flat.
Finally, each flat has the following zone distribution parts: 1 fan, 
1 VAV NoReheat, the supply side of the Heat Recovery Flat Plate 
Exchanger, the zone itself and the secondary side of the Heat 
Recovery Flat Plate Exchanger.

Unfortunately, for each flat I receive the such error:
<<Error in Node="Recup_Out_R_B0", Inlet node did not find an 
appropriate matching "outlet" node
Reference object=Zone mixer, Name=Mixer>>

At this point, I wonder whether the return part of the Zone 
equipment accepts heat recovery units or not.
I know there is the ERV Stand Alone for similar purposes, but it 
acts on the mere exhaust air stream, not on the return air stream. I 
need the air loop for using the plenum, instead. The plenum, in 
fact, allows me to take into account the thermal inertia of the 
ground and its possible overheating (in summer) or overcooling (in 
winter), due to a short length of the Subsoil heat exchanger.
So I see two possible solutions:
1) To simulate the subsoil heat exchanger in another way, but the 
only one I find reasonable is the use of an appropriate heat 
exchanger that precools or preheats the outside air. But this way I 
could not take into account the thermal saturation of the ground.
2) To use the ERV and the Air Loop together. So the Outside Air 
enters through the Outside Air Mixer, then goes to the zone and 
exits through the exhaust stream path. The return air has a flow 
rate equal to 0 and is a fictious link to the Return Air Path. Could 
it be right?

Have You a better way for dealing with this kind of simulation?

I thank You all for Your Kind Attention and hope in good news

Massimiliano Scarpa

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