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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] weather converter

Have you downloaded V1.2.2?  We now have a "custom format" that can be done 
and should make your job a lot easier.  The CSV input format does expect 
all the usual headers.  I will answer your other questions, inline:

At 10:29 AM 5/5/2005, Clarice Bleil de Souza wrote:
>1) I have no data for:
>- Typical/Extreme Periods;
>- Ground Temperatures;
>- Holidays/Daylight saving;
>- Comments 1;
>- Comments 2;
>Can I just ignore those fields and go directly to the Data Periods one? Or 
>I have to specify a zero value for each field? Because the converter will 
>assign them later?

You cannot ignore those records but could put:
Typical/Extreme Periods,0

>2) Once I'm in the "Data Periods" field, do I specify 2 intervals per hour 
>which corresponds to the 30min data of input I have or do I specify 4 
>intervals per hour which is the data I want to interpolate from my input 
>so that I can evaluate results for every 15min.?

Your data is every 30 minutes -- so you would put there what your data 
is.  EnergyPlus will interpolate later.

>3) Do I need to specify each data record name or I just start entering the 
>values? In case I have to specify the names which format do I use the 
>short or the long name? When I don't have a record to the field do I 
>assign zero for it or do I leave it "blank"?

Do not leave field blanks -- assign them missing values as shown in the 
IDDs for weather records in the Auxiliary programs manual.  Or, better, use 
the custom weather format.

>I tried to find an E+ csv to read and use it as an example but I only have 
>epw, ddy and stat files. When I read the epw in excell, converted to csv, 
>there's no titles in the data records so I'm not sure if I do the same 
>with the csv file or not. Can anybody give me a light on those issues please?

You can easily make a CSV file from any of the EPW files with the weather 

Again, I would strongly suggest using the custom format instead.  You 
should be able to save your Excel file as .csv.  (I'm not sure tab 
delimited will work with the weather converter.  Space delimited fields do 
work, however).


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