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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: The mathematical model of baseboard heater in transent period

I had done the optimization for the simulation just for one winter 
design day. I had set that the outside temperature is the same whole 

The parameters that I have optimized are the following: insulation 
thickness (just in the outside walls), UA values for the baseboard 
heater:water:convetive (in my simulation I have 9 baseboard heaters 
and due to that I have 9 UA parameters for the optimization), sistem 
status variable (on/off or is the baseboard heaters are in use or 
no), the supply water temperature (I involved the same variable for 
the each hour), and the set value of indoor temperature.

The system status parameter has been set to optimize just out of 
working period. Also, the set value of indoor temperature has been 
set to optimize out of working period.

I have optimized three parameters that are defined with the schadule.

I hope that I defined my problem better to you and that you can help 

Thank you in advance

Natasa M.Djuric

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, fred buhl <wfbuhl@l...> 
> Natasa,
> Perhaps you could tells us what EPlus input parameters you are 
> for your optimization. Then we could comment on what 
discontinuities you
> might expect.
> The most obvious barrier to using EPlus in an optimization process 
is the
> variable number of warmup days. When the number of warmup days
> changes as you vary the chosen parameters, the optimization 
> encounters
> a serious discontinuity.
> Fred Buhl
> natasamdj wrote:
> >Dear,
> >I have used EnergyPlus for the simulation of baseboard heater. 
> >I have used GenOpt as well. I have figured almost all 
> >models either from User Manual or by myself.
> >
> >I saw if I make the optimization of the parameters defined with 
> >Schedule Type, it impies the suddenly jump in the objective 
> >each time when the parameter is changed.
> >
> >Also, I notice that if there is a changing in SetIndoor 
> >(defined in Schedule Type) then the suddenly jump of HeatRate 
> >occurs. The behavoir of Baseboard Heater is defined by NTU 
> >But, in that transient moment it is not possible to connect all 
> >necessary parameters (zone temperature, water flow, specific 
> >supply water temperature) by using the NTU method.
> >
> >Please, can you give some advice about that mathematical model? 
> >
> >Thank you in advance.
> >
> >Natasa M.Djuric
> >
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