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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Need some qhuidance on scheduling.

Hello Pedro,

Firstly thank you for the quick response. So from what I understand, its the same like setting the conditions for Weekdays or Weekends. 

Now can I also run my simulation without mentioning a schedule for the SummerDesignDay or WinterDesignDay? So if this is the case, I should not add them in my Sizing Period? Am I correct?

Also in the HVAC schedule, if I want the HVAC to be ON/OFF at different periods for Summer and Winter respectively, do I create two schedules, or can I do it using one HVAC operating schedule?

Lastly, I noticed that if we mention the HVAC is ON for a period, then despite the room temperature reaches the set point, the HVAC is still ON? Isn't the HVAC suppose to be cut off and then allow the room temperature to rise up by a degree( Thermostat value) and then again kick ON? Does this have any relation to the heat balance algorithm? And, yes if I want my HVAC to operate like I have mentioned here, then how do I make my modifications? I was suggested that I could use the EMS to do so. However since I am just getting familiarized with the software, I want to first throughly understand the meaning behind every setting. It will be of great help,if you can periodically guide me in this. I am working on my thesis, and I am in search for some guidance in using this software.



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From: Pedro Peixeiro <ppeixeiro@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Need some qhuidance on scheduling.
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Date: Friday, April 1, 2011, 3:15 AM


Hi Aditya.

Setting up a schedule using For:SummerDesignDay or For:WinterDesignDay lets you set up HVAC operation for determined hours of those types of days. What this basically means is this:

using design days is like telling your system "ok, so consider these two typical days, one for summer and one for winter. now run my model and tell me, for those conditions, what loads do i have and show me how my HVAC will perform"

setting up a schedule of HVAC operation for those design days is further telling the program: "for those typical days, i want my HVAC system to be turned on during a set hours of the day and turned off during another set hours of the day". This works because a DesignDay doesnt have a constant temperature during the 24 hours if you input a temperature range in the SizingPeriod:DesignDay object.


For: SummerDesignDay
Until: 07:00
Until: 19:00
Until: 24:00

If you use this schedule to setup HVAC operation, for your SummerDesignDay you will have the HVAC off from 00:00 to 07:00, turned on from there up to 19:00 and off again for the remainder of the day.

Hope this clears your question.


On 31-03-2011 21:38, Aditya Ravi wrote:



I am new to energyplus and I have a lots of basic questions.

How do we schedule the HVAC operation for both winter and summer. By this I mean, the period for which the HVAC is ON/OFF. I am modelling a system for a regular 3 bedroom house. I am unable to understand the logic of scheduling the moment I see For:WinterDesignDay or SummerDesingDay in the HVAC operation schedule. Can you explain the logic to me. what do they mean? If possible give me an example.

Similarly when it comes to the set points, I know how to assign values for different times of the day, however, I am not clear on the logic behind using For: WinterDesignDay or SummerDesignDay.

I am planning to use PTAC for for both cooling and heating. And its going to be electric and not hot water or any other fuel for heating.



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