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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Modelling External Surface Emission


About external (or internal) surface emission properties in EnergyPlus, for a wall we can define it as we want since each "material" has a thermal absorptance and a solar absorptance. 

If we define a window with "WindowMaterial: Glazing", we also can give a lot of information about radiative properties of the window : front/back side solar reflectance / infrared hemispherical emissivity, solar/infrared transmittance...  

I am currently working in a project where I compare various dynamic thermal simulation tools, including EnergyPlus. I defined all the windows using "WindowMaterial:SimpleGlazingSystem" because it seems to be the only way to have the same windows description for all the DTS tools. 

In this case, how can I know which percentage of solar and infrared radiations are absorbed and reflected by these windows ? I suppose EnergyPlus use some defaults values, but I did not manage to find it. 

Thank you for any help !



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