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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Modelling natural cross-ventilation using COMIS module


I have attached a model of a simple cube, with a window in the south facade 
and a chimney exhaust zone at the north facade, the zones are connected via 
a door and the exhaust has a window at the top of it's north facade. I have 
run the simulation for a southerly wind over a day and calculated the 
Infiltration-Mass and Mixing-Mass for each zone. However, when i add up the 
mass flows (for an hour period - example 18:00 and 20:00) going into a zone 
(positive) and going out of a zone (negative), they don't add to zero as i 
expected they would. Is this assumption incorrect or am i modelling 
something wrong?

Also, I was wondering if the Comis module for EnergyPlus is now maintained 
by EnergyPlus since the Comis 3.1 version has gone commercial. Or is the 
commercial version going to be plugged into EnergyPlus in the future?

Kind regards


ps: I have also looked at using ESP-r for modelling this natural 
ventilation, but have found it quite unaccessible (even if they have a 
GUI). In comparison I think the documentation and organisation of Energy 
Plus is excellent.
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